Thunder Trade is representing a positive influence on our society and industry.

As members of the community we strive to create value through focusing on our core competencies and adapting to our ever changing industry while maintaining strict adherence to ethical conduct.

To demonstrate our involvement, we focus on the following catalogues:

Thunder & the Environment

Thunder Trade is an eco-friendly organization faithfully and strictly commitment to comply with all relevant environmental legislations. To minimize company’s environmental impact and reduce resources usage, Thunder Trade has launched a sustainability program within all Thunder Trade regions. We implemented: ‘Think before Print’, ‘plan ECO shipment’, and ‘recycle redundant IT equipment’ programs.

  • Planning and consolidating incoming and outgoing shipments wherever possible with the intention of reducing fuel usage.
  • Recycling redundant IT equipment through membership of a WEEE scheme.
  • Recycling in-house printer cartridges through authorised recycling companies.
  • Recycling packaging materiel whenever possible through authorised recycling companies.
  • Using the minimum amount of packaging required to ensure the safe transit of goods.
  • Reducing energy waste through active measures and monitoring.
  • Reducing paper print outs by using electronic messaging where appropriate.
  • Shredding and recycling of waste paper through authorised recycling companies.
  • Recycling redundant fittings and fixtures where appropriate for use elsewhere within the company.
  • Reducing water usage and wastage by using signage and physical means.
  • Using environmentally friendly products and services where appropriate Eg: Rainforest Alliance Certified vending machines.