Thunder Trade provides a shield to protect you from any quality flaw

At Thunder Trade, product quality is our most important concern and our top priority is to make sure the correct quality management is in place.  This includes correct testing processes have been followed to ensure the safety, functionality or the product we supply.

Below is a chart to illustrate a summary of our quality assurance work flow.  However, depending on the commodity of the products you ordered, additional tests may be applied to ensure we cover all respect of the testing.  You are more than welcome to contact us regarding this program to understand how Thunder can protect you from any quality flaw.

Thunder Trade Quality Control Program

01. Incoming Shipment Inspection

All incoming shipments from our supplier will go through our initial scan to make sure packages are in good condition with no impact damage while in transit and no sign of humidity and moisture damage.

02. Cosmetic Inspection

We verify the part/model number as per your order, We’ll also inspect the products are in good cosmetic condition with no dents, no scratch marks, no rust or any contamination.

03. BOM Inspection

All products are required to be verified against original manufacture specification an drawings. All components of the product assembly will be carefully checked as per BOM checklists to make sure no missing parts are shipped to our customers.

04. Functional Testing

Product will be tested for functionality.  Depending on different commodities, we will carry out a full functionality test to make sure the product will work as per OEM specification with no quality flaw.

05. Compatibility Testing

After the functional test, we make sure to test the products on a higher level system to ensure system compatibility. This test will require information from the customer about the product usage environment.

06. Packing Drop Test

Once the product passes Thunder Trade Quality Control Programs, we use the most suitable packing materials to pack up your products as well as carry out a package drop test to ensure shipment safety.

07. Dispatch

Our logistic team will arrange shipping out of our product as per your schedule and ensure you receive your product on time and at the right time.