Order Fulfillment

We understand a critical component in any supply chain services is order fulfillment. No Marketing or sales activity will suffice unless the final product is distributed and delivered in a timely and orderly manner to your warehouse. Here at Thunder Trade, we are uniquely placed to deliver on our clients’ commitments through our integrated agile package of sourcing, storage, order processing and distribution by a complete package of order fulfillment solutions.

Management & Distribution

Our fulfillment service includes the management and distribution of pre-production raw materials, spare parts and finished products across the world on behalf of international companies. Our multi-lingual contact center accepts orders by phone, fax or email and processes them accordingly, including pick, pack, collation and shipping.

Reverse Logistics

The need for reverse logistics has been driven in part by increased environmental legislation which requires manufacturers to provide a repair and/or replacement service. There’s also a greater emphasis on service exchange and life-cycle management. As fulfillment experts, it’s a natural extension of our seamless service offering and an area where we can add real value for our customers.