A Worldwide Success; Customer Satisfaction is Our Ultimate Goal

Thunder’s clientel is as varied as our product range. Our worldwide distribution capabilities enable us to supply a cross section of customers from local clients to international OEMs. Co-manufacturers and wholesalers are all part of the customer base which we serve. As our customers vary, so do their demands.

While our OEMs require new product innovation and automated production capabilities as well as require quick shipment at competitive prices.Our many worldwide locations enable us to implement global technology and distribution solutions at your door step. The structure of our Group enables us to meet all these demands.

Cypress, Texas

Thunder Trade INC
17659 Telge Road, Cypress TX 77429 USA
Tel: +1 832 821 5555

Central Hong Kong

Thunder Trade Co., Limited
12/F San Toi Building
137-139 Connaught Road
Central Hong Kong
Tel: +852 81990989
Fax:+852 30071055

Shenzhen, China

Thunder Trade LLC
2/F #45 Tangkeng Road
Henggang Street Longgang District
Shenzhen 518115 China
Tel: +86 400-THUNDER (8486337)