Engineering is where we started our business. We concentrate on maintaining our quality of service at a very high level.  Our engineering QC process fuels our confidence in our product quality and solidifies our name in the industry.


Thunder Trade began as a maintenance and electric engineering consultant in 2005. At the time, we provided maintenance and base return services to local business customers as well as providing ongoing IT maintenance support for them.


In late 2006, began to expand our business to the consumer market and then started to provide door to door next day IT equipment sales and maintenance service.  tis included new installation, onsite fault diagnostic and spare part replacement. Over 1,500 happy customers were under our service coverage.


The market changed during the economy downturn in 2008. People cound no longer afford to replace their IT equipment when problems arose.  A need emerged for a repair or exchange option. We recognized and met the need with warehouse storage and on-hand stock of spare parts to maintain our “same day service” mcommitment.

During these years of service, we’ve built our own supply channel for whole IT equipment and spare parts. We have also built up our knowledge and supply solution to supply any EOL parts customer requires and no longer available through the official channel.


By 2010, we had built up a considerable collection of spare items in our inventory and developed a whole database for spare parts information from supply, consuming and life cycle management.

We began buying containers full of liquidation IT spare parts through our supply partners around the world. Making our move to step into spare parts trading business to sell our large number of in-stock products while continuing to give our customers strong technical engineering support.