We only deal with qualified suppliers to ensure quality workflow in the entire supply chain to protect you and ourselves.

Thunder Trade has delivery our quality commitments to our customers all over the world. We appreciate every trust from our customers. To keep maintaining this trust, the supplier qualification procedure is the initial stage of Supplier Management at all thunder trade regions.This process is to protect thunder trade and our customers away from the quality flaws. Having fulfilled a number of basic business criteria, businesses wishing to become a thunder trade supplier must meet certain minimum economic, environmental and social performance standards by completing our qualification modules. Our Supplier Qualification Program provides a world-class industry standard that drives constant improvement through open benchmarking. We review this process consistently and work with our suppliers to ensure their processes have the necessary controls in place to mitigate the risks.We also measure our supplier performance through IT industry standards, and global benchmarking, while at the same time facilitating continuous improvement in managing product quality and safety.

This process covers the following modules:

  • Management Commitment and Continual Improvement
  • Supplier Risk control Systems
  • Complacency of Thunder Trade quality management systems
  • Supplier site and facilities¬†qualification
  • Supplier Product safety Control
  • Suppliers product testing procedures
  • Supplier Process Control
  • Supplier rating and Competency system

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