It is as important to thunder trade that our customers are able to rely on our quality commitments of their products as that they are delivered on time with the correct planned quantity.

That’s why our quality management procedure is such a central aspect for us at thunder trade, quite simply because it is a critical matter of survival for both our customers and ourselves. We are managing our business operations in compliance with ISO 9001 standards.We are also continually working with all parties from our supplier, shipping carrier, thunder receiving, engineering, shipping to comply with this quality management procedure to guarantee the entire supply chain is monitored and fully comply with the industry standard, from supplier to end-customer. As a part of our daily routine, we are checking and following-up everything from suppliers to individual products to make sure our quality commitments to you are stickly followed.


Please see more section to understand how do we protect your products, your business and understand more about our quality commitment to you.